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It was said: “Awake, you who sleep, arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Ephesians 5:14

When I went through the hardest time of my life, many people came up to me and said I was strong to have handled everything. By going through a painful treatment, after a terrible car accident, many use to say to my family members that I was a strong person. Whenever I heard this, I was disappointed, and even a little upset. I did not think I was strong, I thought I was just going through that situation because there was no other option. I thought I had only one choice, go through all that, or I could even die. I did not classify me as strong. After some time, the Holy Spirit began to confirm in my heart that I was really strong. God does not allow us to go through greater tribulations than we can bear. If you are going through a difficult time, I´m sure to say, you can handle, you can win this battle. God created you to be more than victorious; He has given you what you need to win your battles. He created you like that. If you have never experienced this reality, it does not mean you’re not a winner. The Father created you like that. Just because an orange tree has not given any fruit, does not mean it is not an orange tree. God made it to be an orange tree; the fruit will appear one day. Just because you have not experienced what it is to be more than victorious, it does not mean you´re not. The Father created you so, stand firm, that in the given time the victories will appear.

Gideon was mighty brave in the eyes of the Creator. Only that the tribulations caused the giant that he was born to be, felt asleep. When the people of Israel were being oppressed, and Gideon needed a miracle, God did not answer by destroying his enemies. But God replied reminding him of who he was. God had awakened the giant within Gideon, releasing a Word “Mighty Warrior”, “Go with the strength you already have” to conquer. Often God answers us not annihilating our enemies’ army. But He answers us reminding us who we are in Christ. He responds in awakening the “Courageous Giant” that is within us. Because when you

are aware of what you are in Christ, when the giant is awaken within you, no one can resist you. Christ will shine over you, and your miracle will happen. Awake!


Bishop David Sousa

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