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Blessed Families in Florida

Last Friday we had the graduation for our Blessed Families course. Which was a blessing not only to the seven couples that were a part of it but also to the whole church. Everyone was able to share their testimony of what God had done in their lives these last 14 weeks. Under the coordination of Ap Cesar and Bpa Rubia the couples: Milton and Adriana Abreu, Danilo and Clemens Soares taught each lesson with a lot of grace and enriching the experience by adding some of their own experiences. This course is a tool to help in the restoration of relationships.  image1 (2) image5 image4 image4 (3) image4 (2) image3 image3 (5) image3 (4) image3 (3) image3 (2) image2 image2 (6) image2 (5) image2 (4) image2 (3) image2 (2) image1 image1 (7) image1 (6) image1 (5) image1 (4) image1 (3)

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