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Bishop David in California

They were days full of a lot of anointing and a special outpour of the Holy Spirit.

FOL California had the honor of receiving Bishop David Sousa from PedrasVivas Band on June 3rd and 4th.

Starting with a worship seminar, we received a preaching of great wisdom and experience of a life of worship, quickly following that we had a special night of worship and another powerful preaching of the word of God.

On Sunday at our Family Service after an impactful preaching we received a great outpour of cure and power from the Holy Spirit that enveloped all of us.

During this moment a mother, Luciana, went to the front with her daughter, Moana who is 3 months old, who was diagnosed at birth with a serious skull injury, Bishop David lead the church in prayer declaring and prophesying the healing of that baby.

We would like to say thank you for the great opportunity that God has given us through the Fountain of Life church along with the privilege in having the apostolic family which is so anointed and blessed.

Thank you Apostle Cesar Sousa and for all who support Fountain of Life California.

Luis Baratho – Bishop


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