Apostolic Conference Day 3 - Fountain of Life

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Apostolic Conference Day 3


The morning of the 28th of November at the Apostolic Conference we were renewed by the Holy Spirit through worship and great words brought by Bishop David Sousa and Bishop Paulo Sergio

“To live God’s purpose in our lives even though adversity, we need to understand what the purpose is. He who does not fulfill the purpose lives frustrated and is not used to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth. The one who takes care of God’s flock and takes them to the mountain of God, the mountain where God revels himself to us. God loves us too much to let us go through something in vain. He always has the best purpose for you.”

Bishop David with translation from Bishop Brenda

“The Word impresses, the power does too, but what takes the Kingdom of God further in Earth is love. We will win some battles with the sword that is the Word, others with the power of the Spirit, but there are battles in which the only way to win is through brokenness, humbleness and maybe even some times giving in. Jesus won through surrender. The greatest gift is love. Without love there is no fruits.”

Bishop Paulo Sergio with translation from Joao Augusto


Worship ministered by Pedras Vivas, worshiping the King of Kings.

Following the worship there was a special apostolic word brought by our very own apostle Cesar Sousa and Bishop Rubia de Sousa by video, this way we could miss them a little less.

“The vision will be fulfilled. The Kingdom of God will be implanted by its values through us. Doing the will of God is something that should be rewarding and pleasing, because it feeds us. Be a visionary for the Kingdom of God.” Apostol Cesar Sousa

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