Apostolic Conference Day 2 - Fountain of Life

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Apostolic Conference Day 2

November 27th, the second day of the Apostolic Conference 2015 in Orlando-FL.


Bishop Paulo Jr. brought the word with his wife Bishop Acsa translating it:

“God gives us the necessary strength needed for the necessary battles. David did not fight for a crown he fought for a people. God did not let him waste his strength in unnecessary battles. He was already anointed. God does not waste oil, he does not waste anointing. Get up and fight in the anointhing that God has given over your life. God has the next step, your place is not in Ziklag’s sorrow. God will take you to victory to rejoice with His people.”

The second word was brought by Bishop Ricardo of Atlanta:

“The more an arrow is polished the more precise it is and the better it reaches the target.”


The afternoon service was for the Dokmos and it was very powerful. There was a workshop with pastor Olacir, Pastora Mariangela and team.


A beautiful release of the seasons CD.

And a blessed word brought to us by Bishop Paulo Sergio:

“Don’t let the fire of the Spirit, the intercession go out. The Lord says that the fire can never go out. The orders from the Lord are to bring us benefits. We do not have an excuse to not have the priestly routine. We cannot lose our priorities, our discipline, our sacrifice and the intensity, keep the fire burning. Do not let the fire go out.”

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