Apostle Cesar Sousa is about to turn thirty years of ministry. Married to Bishop Rubia de Sousa, began his ministry by bringing to his own home over thirty street children. In 1994 the Apostle founded the Fountain of Life Apostolic Church.

The Apostolic ministry of Cesar Sousa goes beyond denominational sphere. His ministry has impacted and influenced many leaders, pastors and churches in Brazil and worldwide. Apostle Cesar presents programs on various television networks in Brazil, also in the U.S. and Europe.

Journalist, theologian, newspaper columnist, author of several books, including bestsellers like: “Compreendendo o Mundo Espiritual” (Understanding the Spiritual World), “Guerra Espiritual” (Spiritual Warfare), “Eu Creio em Milagres” (I Believe in Miracles) and recently “O Impacto Apostolico” (The Apostolic Impact), Apostle Cesar Sousa is a man of God often used in signs and wonders. Thousands have surrendered to the Lord Jesus through his messages and many miraculous healings have happened during his ministerial life. The ministry of the Apostle Cesar Sousa also has a strong emphasis on praise worship marked by recording over 15 CDs between them stand out “Apaixonado”(In Love), “Tempo da Colheita” (Harvest Time), the hit “Move as Águas” (Move the Waters), “Geração Apostólica” (Apostolic Generation), “Fornalha”(Furnace) and recently “Oceano de Amor” (Ocean of Love) .

Cesar Sousa is recognized Apostle by the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA), headquartered in Dallas, Texas – United States chaired by the Apostle Peter Wagner.

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The Fountain of Life Church was founded in 1994 by Apostle Cesar Sousa, through a word given by God. Fountain of Life Church lives an apostolic vision to influence this generation to turn completely to the Lord Jesus Christ. This vision burns in the heart of the Apostle Cesar Sousa, since the day of his conversion and he refers to a Church capable of influencing his generation, with a proposed life for every segment of our society, respecting the culture of the countries in which it is located, as well as the regional characteristics of the location that it wants to achieve.

The realization of this vision is easily noticed when analyzing the existing departments today at Fountain of Life Church. We believe in deploying the visible kingdom of God on earth, as a manifestation of divine mercy for the man to repent and turn to Him. To make this possible, we have prophesied that the Church, the instrument by which the Kingdom of God is manifested, will take possession of the main pillars that sustain society: economy, education, politics, justice, entertainment, communication, sport and social service.

The Apostle Cesar Sousa and Bishop Rubia de Sousa, from the beginning, have generated disciples who are committed to the vision of bringing the Kingdom of God to the nations. Hopefully you will have a chance to know the vision of Fountain of Life and stay with us.

We emphasize that the character should be the basis of all Ministry willing to fulfill this vision. We value the gifts and talents, but above them is a real character molded by Christ.

May God bless you.